Hlvtca —
2017 Brand Study
Reverse Branding —
Golden State Warriors
A quick little personal study on rebranding the Warriors, taking a step back to a more classic version of the brand. Check out the full study and rationale here.
hlvtca peter mcclelland
2011 Photography / Digital / Advertising
BeatsByDre —
Transforming Hardware Into
A Global Lifestyle Brand
Team Credits
For two years, I co-led a tight relationship between Beats and R/GA — their global agency of record. The badass team concentrated on an entirely new beatsbydre.com (including ecommerce design and build, a new CRM platform, social strategy and design), global advertising campaigns, product launches, a crazy amount of product photography, partner relationships, and custom product designs for athletes and celebrities... all leading up to the creation of BeatsMusic. R/GA London
Sanam Petri
Jackie Koenen
Pawel Pietryka
Peter Jupp
Lucio Rufo
James Temple
hlvtca peter mcclelland
2015 Brand Identity & Design System
Turo —
Repositioning A Product Company
Into A Lifestyle Brand
Team Credits
Previously known as RelayRides, the new Turo brand is disrupting the car rental industry by connecting renters directly to vehicle owners. Over a nine-month period, we retought every aspect of the experience. The new brand challenges the typical perception of this outdated industry — transforming rental cars from a simple utility, to a more integral part of our journey — turning travel into adventure. DesignStudio
Brian Wood
Julia Capeloto
Casey Martin
hlvtca peter mcclelland
2017 Design System
Rebranding Twitter —
Uniting Product Design With
Brand Expression
Team Credits
Coming Soon. Can't share too much about this — not yet at least. But, it's a solid story of reinvigorating a stale brand, over-run by it's own product. DesignStudio led a year-long relationship with Twitter, elevating the importance of a strong, consistent, and relevant brand narrative applied to ever facet of the company. DesignStudio
Ken Watanabe
Samantha Szakolczay
Julia Capeloto
Sunghoon Kim
Will Lee
hlvtca peter mcclelland
2008 Brand Identity & Design System
Icon Aircraft —
Creating An Exclusive Brand
From Scratch
Team Credits
Icon is a revolutionary amphibious sport aircraft (meaning the friggin wings fold up and you can drive it home). In 2008, Icon launched as a brand along with their first product, the A5.

The design system stems from the simple proposition of ‘land, sea, air’. These principles carried forward through the design process and was further emphasized through the aircraft’s unique three-prop propeller. Paul Miller and I led the design work — from the identity, custom typography, guidelines, instrument panels, pilot gear, event signage, interactive, and the graphic design of the plane itself.

A fuckin awesome project.
Paul Miller
hlvtca peter mcclelland
2008 Experimental
Spacial Relationships
Part of Attik's iconic Noise book series, I explored the effects of color and form when objects are transformed and twisted into one another. Simple, fun, geeky designer shit. The book is available on Amazon.
hlvtca peter mcclelland
2014 Pitch
YouTube Kids —
Let Em Do What They Want
Team Credits
This is some old spec work Method prepared for the YouTube team — taking a look at the identity system, ui elements, ux flow, the usual stuff. This one was especially enjoyable cause we kept a hard focus on who this was for, the kids — not the client. The 'brand' itself isn't much, it's just a stage or canvas for the kids to have fun. Method
Nicole Yeo
Athila Armstrong
Brendan Pascoe
Seth Snyder
hlvtca peter mcclelland
2009 Identity
National Football League —
Super Bowl XLIV
Team Credits
Back in the Attik days, I had the privileged of working on a friggin Super Bowl logo! The system for XLIV (44) capitalizes on the games unique aspect of duality — two teams, two conferences — fighting for the same ball, the same goal, culminating to one moment. We built out a hefty Style Guide with usage, various logotypes, lockups, supportive elements and an in-depth application building utility.

Super Bowl XLIV took place February 7th 2010 in Miami with the New Orleans Saints beating the Indianapolis Colts, 31-17.
Stu Melvin
Stan Zienka
hlvtca peter mcclelland
2011 Digital
Aston Martin —
A Heritage Brand
Meets The Digital Age
Team Credits
AstonMartin.com relaunched an entirely new web presence in early 2011, with a brighter, cleaner, more dramtic style. The entire project, which included everything from web, to typography creation, to a new CMS platfrom, was a dramatic shift for the brand, positioning them ahead of competitors for the first time in decades. One of the key elements to the refresh included a technical breakthrough for the automotive industry. We develeoped the very first HTML5 configurator experience, giving users the ability to fully explore the brand and customize cars, on any device. Ben Minton
Lucio Rufo
James Temple
hlvtca peter mcclelland
2013 Brand Identity & Design System
NameBucks —
A Stupid Habit
Becomes A Product
Team Credits
Having your name written on a coffee cup can feel mundane, stupid, and embarrassing — especially when the barista gets it wrong. We built a small app to add a little spontaneity, humor and kindness to the daily grind. When you pull off the challenge of ordering with a stupid name like "Cheddar" or "Your Mom", Namebucks donates to charity. Peter Synak
Mark Roudebush
2017 Brand System
Workshop & Supply Co
Hok is a hands-on motorcycle workshop and cafe in Da Nang, Vietnam. A chill space to get hands-on knowledge of vintage bikes from experts and friends. The shop also sells custom gear, apparel, and design goods.
hlvtca peter mcclelland
2015 Brand Identity
Shyp Rebrand —
No Bullshit Shipping
Team Credits
These guys pick up, pack, price and send any item, anywhere. This approach allows people to focus on what we send, not how. Shyp’s new identity says exactly who they are and what they do — no bullshit and no symbol necessary. Just like the service, the design system is bold, measured, and to the point. We expanded the system throughout numerous touchpoints — from exploring patterning in textiles to prototyping future labeling systems. DesignStudio
Ken Watanabe
Samantha Szakolczay
Adam Weiner
hlvtca peter mcclelland
2014 Iconography
Universal Design System
For Waste
Team Credits
A quick exercise exploring a far simpler, intuitive and truly universal graphic system for managing waste. The new forms are derived from some of today's associations while managing to simplify the system into a language that even kids can understand. Peter Synak
Shivanjali Tomar
Chris Macdonald
2004 Public Art
Be More
[Helvetica] Rounded
No real need for reasoning here — just a bunch of wilpostings throughout an old industrial park. I used Helvetica Rounded (which I usually hate) to try and encourage people, even myself, to try new things and be as well-rounded as possible.
hlvtca peter mcclelland